Update: My “Top” Holdings

For my research partners, here’s an updated list of stocks in which I am invested and am most interested. It may serve as a research “priority list” of sorts.

It is not meant for anyone else to read into or interpret as an endorsement of these securities, since I may change my position or sentiment at anytime (see disclosures / disclaimers below). For example, WDAY was one of my largest positions before today (though I’m pretty sure I haven’t discussed it publicly). However, today I effectively decreased my position by selling out of the money call options — a bet that earnings will be good, but not good enough to push the stock up more than 4% over the next couple of weeks. After a quick 25% run, I felt that it might be time to lock in some gains.

That can also happen at any time to any of these stocks / positions:

Top Positions Of Interest (As Of Market Close On Feb 20, 2018)
(in no particular order & subject to change at any time)

  • AEHR – Latest technology has top semi companies buying
  • SMSI – Family Safety is big and growing; SMSI is signing carriers
  • RDCM – The sales pipeline is finally bearing fruit
  • AMC – Arguably the biggest MoviePass beneficiary; Earnings soon
  • MRIN – EVP of Products & Platform just bought about $40,000 worth
  • GAIA – As long as they meet/beat guidance, I’m a happy camper
  • WDAY – Customers are sick of ORCL… and WDAY is PeopleSoft’s revenge
  • MCHX – Ton of cash; Big dividend coming; Lots of new products
  • USATP – Would nearly double if USAT was acquired

I don’t own it, but HMNY is also still of interest. It’s the greatest stock soap opera ever. It is also having a profound impact on the earnings of many public companies (i.e. AMC).

For those who have professional-level knowledge of these companies or the industries in which they compete, let’s chat!

Disclosures / Disclaimers
: I am long each of the names listed in the Top Holdings above, except for HMNY. However, I do not encourage or recommend for anyone to follow my lead on these  or any other stocks, since I may enter, exit, or reverse a position at any time without notice. 
I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am receiving no compensation for it, nor do I have a business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular security or course of action.  I am not a financial advisor.  Nor am I providing any recommendations, price targets, or opinions about valuation regarding the companies discussed herein.  Similarly, the disclosure above may state that I am long or short shares of the companies mentioned herein, but should not be construed as an endorsement of any particular investment or opinion of the stock’s current or future price. That disclosure is true as of the time the article is placed in queue for publication, but it is possible (or even likely) that I might be buying and/or selling the stocks mentioned herein immediately thereafter or at any other time, regardless of (and possibly contrary to) the content of this article or this website’s timing of its release.  The disclosure will not be updated following submission of the article and may be inaccurate thereafter.  Likewise, any opinions are as of the date of publication, and are subject to change without notice and may not be updated. I believe that the sources of information I use are accurate but there can be no assurance that they are.  I wrote this article myself and I receive no compensation for writing it.  All investments carry the risk of loss and the securities mentioned herein may entail a high level of risk. Investors considering an investment should perform their own research and consult with a qualified investment professional.

Long-time readers should note some significant changes in how I communicate in the public domain. The sole purpose of this forum is now to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses. Accordingly, this document should not be construed as an endorsement of the companies or securities discussed herein. The disclosure below is critical to understanding the content of this document. Further, I frequently trade my positions and may buy, sell, or short the securities mentioned herein at any time, regardless of the facts or perceived implications of this article.

12 thoughts on “Update: My “Top” Holdings

  1. Saw your newest post

    I happen to work full time at WDAY

    Best, Julian On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 7:50 PM Mark Gomes Research wrote:

    > Mark Gomes posted: “For my research partners, here’s an updated list of > stocks in which I am invested and am most interested. It may serve as a > research “priority list” of sorts. It is not meant for anyone else to read > into or interpret as an endorsement of these securities” >


  2. MCHX – their website says 5 of top 10 auto companies use them, 6 of 10 telecom companies and 5 of 10 travel companies. Yet they are still not profitable. Top of mind with no DD – something is not right when they have that kind of scale and no profit.


    1. Those are big companies. Ask them what % of those companies’ divisions are using them.

      I’m not (yet) saying that MCHX is a good stock to own. I’m saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. I’ve seen many companies get their foot in the door at major companies and then expand their deployments at those companies.

      In fact, most successful companies do that.


  3. I wish I had some good knowledge to drop here on AEHR, but more looking for feedback. Had this earlier and then bought more when the last earnings came out and it jumped up quickly, then died down even quicker from 3.20’s to where we are today in the 2.20’s. Is this manipulation or did I miss something in the earnings call?


  4. The reason why the stock hasn’t garnered enough attention is because their orders are lumpy and relatively small. I was very encouraged to discover that about 9 months ago they raised ample enough cash to support much larger orders for their Tier 1 customers (also at a much higher price $3.90ish). The main disappointment of the stock is that they have not booked any large orders since the raise. That being said, I think AEHR is in the sweet spot of a booming wafer test market. Just one mega order north of say $20M will really wake up this stock price. My biggest gripe is that the small float does not support the constant insider selling that we’ve seen…….and it doesn’t look good fo new investors…..(okay, okay, not good to beat a dead horse).


  5. Mark,

    Do you mind elaborating on why you pick AMC out of all theater chains? Marcus reported today, Cinemark reporting tomorrow, you didn’t show interest in these names.

    Thank you


    1. I ran the number me that MP gave and applied them to each company’s operating model to come up with impact estimates. AMC’s simply came out higher relative to its share price (most likely due to the fact that its balance sheet is highly leveraged).


    1. I cleaned house around the time of my separation from Seeking Alpha. Those who know me know that I pick my share of big winners and losers. Triple digit wins minus double digit losses. With MATR, value is still there, but management proved itself incapable, so it goes in the loss column. Cheers.


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