MAJOR UPDATE: We’re Up 50%! Here’s What’s Next…

Opening Disclosure — Long-time readers should note some significant changes in how I communicate in the public domain. The primary purpose of this forum is now to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses.

Accordingly, this document should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of the companies or securities discussed herein. I am not an investment advisor and this is not an investment thesis. It is merely one part of the story, which I present for debate in hopes of determining all risks and upside potential. The disclosure at the end of this piece is critical to understanding the content and context of this document. Further, I frequently trade my positions and may buy, sell, or short the securities mentioned herein at any time, regardless of the facts or perceived implications of this article.


Hello from LA!

Welcome to my latest “Major Update”. I think you’re really going to enjoy this one. Not only will I dive deeply into a stock that remains under investors’ radar screens, I’m also going to start talking about some new names (which has been rare of late).

Frankly, we haven’t needed more picks. Our stocks have been on an absolute tear this year. My 1% Portfolio is up 16.3% year-to-date… but over the past 7 months, my new “companies of interest” have risen by an average of 50.1%.

That’s 189% annualized!


The secret? It’s simple…


Taking on partners in 2014 proved to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life (if not the biggest). It killed my focus and killed the process that enabled me to pick 20+ triples between 2009 and 2013.

Well, those guys are long-since out of my lives, along with my dealings with the SEC that stemmed from that partnership (which I’ve discussed many time, most notably here).

With all that behind me, I was able to get back to using my magic formula…


Using focus and deep research is what made Warren Buffet the richest man alive. In this age of charts and day trading, it’s easier than ever to beat the crowd. You just have to do the opposite of everyone else!

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.


And that’s why I’m in LA this week. I traveled out here to attend the LD Micro Conference. For those who don’t know, this is (in my opinion) the best microcap conference there is… and therefore the best stock conference, period.

I met with dozens of CEOs and will be sharing what I found over the next several days/weeks via my website at

For starters, I’ll be providing LD Micro updates on $SMSI, $AEHR, $CELH, $HEAR, $MFIN, and $HMNY.

It all starts momentarily.


First, I want to invite you all to participate in contributing to my next Special Report. For the last Special Report, over 150 of you participated in my “SMSI Census”. The data which came from that report helped the participants make 25% in just a few weeks!

The next report is going to involve information from local Sprint stores around the country. I’ve already been collecting data from various sources and it appears very bullish for Smith Micro (SMSI). If you participate, you’ll get an early look (at least one week) at the Special Report I will write, which will analyze the data!

Here’s all you need to do:

* Call 3 Sprint Stores in your area and write down their phone numbers.

* Ask them 1) if they have Safe & Found posters in the store, 2) are they selling Safe & Found, and 3) how’s it going? If possible, see if they’ll tell you what % of customers are signing up.

* CLICK HERE and send me your results.

FYI, don’t be surprised if none of your stores have it. Also don’t be surprised if the feedback is negative. Inevitably, there will be some of that. However, from ALL of the data I’ve collected so far…

1) A small-but-rapidly-growing percent of stores have the posters,

2) Over 80% of the stores with posters are actively selling Safe & Found,

3) It’s being received very well, especially by moms. Some stores are signing upwards of 4 customers per day!


To understand what that ALL means (the good and the bad), you have to analyze the data… and that’s where I come in.

I’ve provided insight into that question in my latest videocast below. This is the first in a series of LD Micro Conference update videocasts (and articles), which I hope will continue our string of wins in 2018.



More Research:


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Disclosures / Disclaimers: I am long AEHR, CELH, HEAR, and SMSI. However, this is not a solicitation to buy, sell, or otherwise transact any stock or its derivatives. Nor should it be construed as an endorsement of any particular investment or opinion of the stock’s current or future price. To be clear, I do not encourage or recommend for anyone to follow my lead on this or any other stocks, since I may enter, exit, or reverse a position at any time without notice, regardless of the facts or perceived implications of this article.

I am not a financial advisor. Nor am I providing any recommendations, price targets, or opinions about valuation regarding the companies discussed herein. Any disclosures regarding my holdings are true as of the time this article is written, but subject change without notice. I frequently trade my positions, often on an intraday basis. Thus, it is possible that I might be buying and/or selling the securities mentioned herein and/or its derivative at any time, regardless of (and possibly contrary to) the content of this article.

I undertake no responsibility to update my disclosures and they may therefore be inaccurate thereafter.  Likewise, any opinions are as of the date of publication, and are subject to change without notice and may not be updated. I believe that the sources of information I use are accurate but there can be no assurance that they are. All investments carry the risk of loss and the securities mentioned herein may entail a high level of risk. Investors considering an investment should perform their own research and consult with a qualified investment professional.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am receiving no compensation for it, nor do I have a business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. The information in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular security or course of action.

The primary purpose of this blog/forum is to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses.

26 thoughts on “MAJOR UPDATE: We’re Up 50%! Here’s What’s Next…

  1. Mark, in addition to the phone number of the store, would there be any benefit submitting the location? I was thinking we could record that, share it amongst ourselves and it would allow us to reach a potentially larger area instead of potentially overlapping.

    Of course, they could have no signage or answers one week and receive it the next week.


    1. Yeah, I thought of all of that and it’s all good ideas. However, it’s best to keep things simple to encourage people to participate.

      So… 1) this is just a snapshot in time. We can always do another one later. 2) It’s unlikely that we’re going to have a lot of overlap, since there are 4,000 Sprint stores out there.

      Insofar as there is overlap risk, it will most likely occur in high population areas, which we care most about, so it might even be good to get overlapping data from different sources to make sure that it’s valid.

      Thanks !


  2. LOL, I had already started calling stores and asking them about it. My info has been submitted. I became more bullish after talking with them. 2 out of 3 of my stores that I called have been actively selling it with very good results. The third store was pretty much in the dark compared the the first two stores.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s a great hit rate. If they are not actively selling it, you want them to be in the dark. The stores that are in the dark won’t be for long. It’s just a matter of how much time it takes the Regional Presidents to get around to all the stores.


      1. You will see it in what I submitted, but they were quoting 50% @ one store and 75% at the other store of people buying it once they pitched it. From what I gathered they are supposed to pitch it to eveyone with multiple lines, in which they ask if they have kids…….Or to family plans.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Do you happen to know if the 50% and 75% numbers may be inflated somewhat due to offering the first month free? They seem to be offering that promotion to at least AAA members and to new online subscribers. (Sounds like I need to call / visit some stores myself to inquire about this…).

          In any case, I would presume that getting that many people installed is a huge win in itself as it increases the chances that a) people like it and keep their subscription, b) forget to cancel it when it gets added to their bill going forward, etc.


          1. OF COURSE it’s inflated. NO DOUBT. Free sells 😂

            …but the feedback from the families has been great. I had families try the product out and they won’t let go of it.

            I think the bigger question is, at what point does this start spreading via word-of-mouth among moms / families?



  3. I would say that is a part of it. They also told me that they’ve had a few of their customers come back in and report that they really like the app.


  4. Great! WKP, what “script” are you using when calling? I don’t want to go into too much detail but also don’t want to be so vague I sound like the competition across the street.


    1. I just acted like I was interested in the safe and found product. Using the approach that I didn’t know much about it but had heard about it. From there I just kept asking more and more questions until I got what I needed. This will at least allow you to know what their knowledge base is on the product.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. One of the Sprint stores in my area I visited was not company owned. Big store. It did not have any S&F posters, and the rep was not that knowledgeable, says nobody is really coming in asking for it, and they clearly are not pushing it. Of the 4000+ stores, wonder how many are company run versus 3rd party, and maybe 3rd party stores don’t have the Sprint corporate incentives or marketing behind it to motivate sales folk currently. Would be a good question to ask SMSI management or any contacts at corporate Sprint on how they plan on attacking 3rd party owned outlets.


  5. I just wonder if Sprint isn’t doing this now to see how things go. If everything goes as expected with families then push it hard in August when many parents purchase an inexpensive phone for their teenager.
    Do this make sense?
    Our example: As a parent of a 12yr who desperately wants a phone. She’s turning 13 this summer and going into 8th grade. We told our daughter she has to work with Dad (I’m self-employed) for 82.5 hours if she wants the fancy iPhone. Fortunately she is now looking at used iPhone’s on Gazelle. Also because I have to train her and 40 hours this summer is a stretch for me to provide for her. She would get the phone in August a week before school starts provided she earns it and obeys the ground rules we have set for the phone. A friend of hers had her phone taken away for a whole reporting period (quarter system) because her grades dropped below B’s – all the kids in the class learn a lesson from those wise parents.


    1. It’s a great hypothesis, but this is all happening 3+ months behind the original schedule they laid out, so it’s unlikely they were planning this around ramping up for back to school.


  6. With this short term $15 unlimited plan promotion, would be interesting to see what percentage of folks are buying Safe & Found since its a drop in the bucket all in….would think it would help with the capture rate.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mark, I know you’re very busy, but I’ve noticed a ton of talk about new stocks. However, I noticed you haven’t updated your spreadsheet recently. I learn and analyze better visually, so seeing dates and numbers helps me. Have you just stopped doing it, or do you have that little time to do it? I know you provide it as a courtesy. Thanks!


  8. Here is an interesting article regarding the appointment of former Ericcson CEO Hans Vestberg as Verizon’s new CEO and the possible ramifications to other industry rivals. This my be a stretch, but it could be positive for the Sprint-Team Mobile merger (see details in the article). Also, shows what the focus might be for the new CEO who seems to favor opening up the capital spend wallet to expand 5G faster and also focus on IoT (check his past history and comments).

    The stars are starting to line up.

    Liked by 1 person

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