SMSI Research: FamilyMode Product Review

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FamilyMode Product Review

This weekend, I tried out the FamilyMode product. FYI, I’m already on record as saying that this product has no meaningful bearing on my SMSI investment (and no impact on my current SMSI EPS estimates).

Nonetheless, due to high demand, I put together this YouTube video to compare FamilyMode to Safe & Found. Spoiler Alert — FamilyMode doesn’t even come close.

The video explains why and gives my assessment of what it means for SMSI. I also provide a lesson in investor mindset to help you understand how to think about investment decisions.

Bottom Line: I continue to feel great about my investment in SMSI (and the current chart set up):


…along with its rapidly rising usage rank:


Frankly, the video is all substance and no style, so be warned of that. LOL. It’s late on a Sunday after an exhausting weekend. For those of you who demanded this, I hope you understand.




More Research:

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15 thoughts on “SMSI Research: FamilyMode Product Review

  1. really appreciate you taking the time to do this Mark. This was one of my big concerns with the Tmobile merger happening. The other well funded competitor is Mcafee family safe (it does not have IoT functionality yet either. or a major carrier contract;)


    1. I don’t know how many times I have to say it. There’s lotta competition and SMSI only need a small piece for us to win big.
      Stocks are no place for fear or euphoria. Only logic & research
      I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong because of fear or euphoria. I’m wrong because nobody can be right all the time except God… and I’m not Him.
      Check my record. I bet on me every time. This is Major league. 100 wins out of 162 games is a top seed for the World Series and I have a better winning percentage than that.


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      1. Yes I completely agree. you have an outstanding record, just curious if you had any thoughts on mcafee. Having a carrier contract is enormous and defiantly enough for this to go. Appreciate all the work you put in, I have recently sized up my position and I’m just covering all the bases by looking at competitors offerings.


        1. I could use help with sizing up the competition. I’m comfortable with what they can achieve with Sprint, their other accounts, and the pipeline they have. Not inclined to do that kind of legwork on my own. I have a pretty big backlog of companies to investigate. This would be a good project for all of you guys to get together on.


  2. That Mcafee looks good. However, I have never heard of it until 1 minute ago. As a Sprint customer, I am offered the chance to buy S&F every day and I’m not even on my phone that much. I have it and am testing it now, btw.
    Most ppl are on their phones something like 5 hours a day! So I assume most Sprint customers see the ads even more than once/day. Having a contract with a carrier is way more valuable than being well known.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t know how many times I have to say that there’s tons of competition, but SMSI has the unique advantage of knowing how to form relationships with the carriers, integrate to their back-end systems, and make the app scalable for them.

      In other words, I’m not going to keep doing it 😂 If people can’t learn how to invest in an attractive risk/reward opportunity if it has “scary” aspect to it, I can’t change that part of their psychology… and it’s definitely not worth my time trying.

      I have other stocks to investigate and the stock is going to go where it’s going no matter what I do or don’t say…

      But I will say this — these are the types of stocks that blow up. If it wasn’t scary, do you think we would have the chance to buy it for $2 ?? No. The “easy” stories are often the ones that collapse.


      There’s a reason why everyone isn’t a millionaire. There’s a reason why most investors who manage their own money under perform the market. It’s because they’re doing the exact opposite of what makes the big money.

      Victory goes to the bold. I take my losses because the wins are more frequent and bigger. #MillionaireSecrets

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    2. Hey Spence, a quick question.
      By “all the ads” from sprint, are you saying they are sending text messages and emails to existing sprint customers daily about S&F?
      I know this was part of the planned marketing/rollout to existing customer, but curious to see if it is starting to happen.
      I have been checking their Instagram and Facebook in hopes of their main page so promoting S&F, especially in Facebook where the average user is their ideal client, but have yet to see this.
      So if they just starting sending sms and email marketing to you as a sprint carrier that seems very promising! Thanks in advance


      1. I signed up a few weeks ago during the $15 promo and I brought a new phone in. The first thing as soon as you activate, Sprint will pre-load 5 or 6 icons. One of the icons is S&F when you click on it, it takes you to google play to download.
        I’ve also gotten several push notifications, at least one directly for S&F. I got one yesterday that said Apps you will love. When you click it, it takes you to a page of about a dozen apps with descriptions and then you download those as a bundle.
        I also was seeing S&F every time I opened Chrome on my phone. The home page is a Sprint catch-all page that’s actually pretty good so I’ve left it rather than putting another home page. The icon went away after I signed up for S&F so I assume it reads your phone for apps when it opens.
        Its also very prominent on Sprint Spot which is a kill time app of viral videos, DIY, etc. Several ads placed there. Finally I think that I’ve seen it in My Sprint which is where you go to play your bill. Think. Its not there now so I could be wrong about that.
        No txt messages. However, I have it installed and I’ve only been on Sprint for 10 days. I’m looking for it so I see it at least once a day. Your average person won’t register that they’ve seen it so often. But the rule of marketing is you have to make 7 contacts before you ask for the sell so I’m sure the average Sprint customer is getting those 7 contacts.


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