LIVE From The USA — Today @ 12:30PM !

I’m back in the USA and going LIVE today at 12:30PM ET to update you on my biggest positions… and to answer all of your questions!!
As usual, we need enough people (40) to make it worthwhile, so spread the word and tune in!
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If you miss the live broadcast, be sure to check it out later. Cheers!

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40 thoughts on “LIVE From The USA — Today @ 12:30PM !

  1. Hi Mark,

    I could’t get thru to ask a question on your live broadcast.

    Do you have any further comments on TPCS or any update?

    Thanks for your help and insight!!


  2. Mark, I got tied up and was unable to view your webcast live, but just finished the tape delay version which I appreciated very much. I wanted to comment on that fact that I noticed the vast amount of warrants in SMSI are exercisable in October. Doesn’t that mean the warrant holders can buy their warrants for $2.21 (I could be off a nickel or so) and just dump them on the open market at higher prices? In the long run this is a moot point as the stock is headed higher for all the obvious reasons, however, this might allow for some lower stock prices to be scooped up along the way. Am I off in my reasoning here regarding the warrants? Seems like easy money for short term investors who bought the warrants.


      1. True about the hedging but what puzzles me is that according to some investors on StockTwits, the shorts are still borrowing shares from their accounts.


        1. Shorts are always cycling in and out. Overall, the short interest has been dropping.

          Most importantly, talking about things like this detracts from calculating the valuation on this or another stock, which is where the money is really made. 😉🙃😛

          Liked by 1 person

  3. When you write naked call options and the underlying goes up to X at expiration, which is more than the strike price; does that mean that you have to buy it where it is at “X” so that then you can sell it to the buyer at the strike you specified?


  4. I hear ya on TLRY being astronomically high based on what it offers. I have been following the other big MJ players though with lower evaluations… do you still have the same bearish thought on Aphria, Aurora, Organigram, and Canopy?


    1. Addressed this on the video. 90% of them are likely overvalued. I researched the space four years ago and came to the same conclusion (correctly).

      Beyond the current numbers, the competition is going to get VERY ugly. Perhaps worse, cannabis price deflation will be intense (already is in states like Oregon).

      Buying these stocks now CAN be profitable as a trade, but that’s pure gambling IMHO.


      1. Got ya, thanks for the clarification… i thought maybe TLRY was singled out in your video because it had such a higher market cap compared to the others.


  5. Hey Mark,

    A question about NOLs — with profitability in the coming quarter, do we start to see these NOLs (valued at $53 million) start being accounted for?

    I’m assuming these would eventually start to be put into the balance sheet but unsure when this would be done.

    ~ Saif


    1. That’s a good question, but to be honest I don’t really know. Because I incorporate the NOLs into my valuation analysis I don’t worry about when the actual accounting rules dictate that they be re-added to the balance sheet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As I understand NOL’s they must be taken immediately when there is a profit and will offset the carryforward by the same amount as the profit. This is similar to individual investors who have carry forwards that are offset by gains in the current period.


  6. why does your SMSI model label lines 16, 18, and 21 as a “loss”? I would have assumed that would be a profit by default, especially when a loss is a negative value.


  7. Mark, I cannot make up my,ind whether to buy RDCM. Price looks good but it feels like a falling knife. Would you mind giving a new opinion of where you stand now. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t have a newer opinion than what was discussed on my latest video.

      That being said, regardless of what I’m doing with the stock, I don’t think anyone should buy something unless they’re sure about it.


      1. Ok cool ill be there to listen in. I’m starting to have a good feeling for safepath iot, now i can see why Bill is so bullish and excited on it.

        After reading how amazon has tied up with alexa to adt securities, I now see the potential for safepath IOT, it goes beyond just the usual trackers but the security aspect could be a game changer esp if the carriers adopts this aspect.


      1. Brad, I hope you are joking — you mostly make excellent contributions but this is not fair to Mark and also us, as we are all better off if Mark spends his limited time discovering new opportunities. Also, we invest, we don’t do day trading — what I mean is that an investment takes time to play out, and there is little point in worrying about it on a day to day basis. I hope this message is received with the good intentions I mean.


        1. Mark could probably pull off an interesting 30 minute daily “Stock Talk” show if he put his mind to it, but yes, I was being facetious. As a side note, who said anything about worrying about “it” on a day to day basis? What is “it”? Just curious.


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