NEW Updates (SMSI, Cannabis, Q&A, and More) – LIVE tomorrow (Wed) @ 12:30PM !

It’s been a couple of weeks, so let’s go LIVE manana (Wednesday) !
I have new thoughts / data regarding the stock market, along with my favorite stocks. I’ll be LIVE on YouTube @ 12:30PM ET to provide updates and answer all of your questions.
As usual, we need enough people (40) to make it worthwhile, so spread the word and tune in!
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If you miss the live broadcast, be sure to check it out later. Cheers!

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33 thoughts on “NEW Updates (SMSI, Cannabis, Q&A, and More) – LIVE tomorrow (Wed) @ 12:30PM !

  1. Good stuff Mark. Thanks as always. I would say about AEHR that I updated my model for the final 3 quarters of the fiscal year and I am expecting something like +1c, +5c and +5c in non GAAP EPS. So not sure that really helps the stock price, but might be enough to hold it at current levels. Never know for sure, but definitely not the disaster forecast that RDCM gave us. Yes, this is my opinion. 🙂


      1. I would add, again IMO, if a person was deciding whether to be in AEHR or GAIA, that GAIA looks like the better of the two right now. Will be very interested to see how much higher their CAC had to go to maintain their pace of customer growth this past quarter. They guided for 95% to 105%, but it was only 85% last quarter. Anything less than 95 would be a big positive IMO. That would demonstrate that there was less fallout from David Wilcock than some may think and that their organic efforts are working nicely IMO.


  2. Hi Mark, do you have no further comments on RDCM’s recent call? How many more management personnel have to leave before this becomes a huge concern? Or do you still consider coincidence a plausible explanation?!


    1. It’s exactly as I discussed on the Q&A. This is normal action when a gold mine phase abruptly jumps back to wait time (from 5th gear to neutral). We can discuss in further depth on the next one if you wish.


  3. Great video Mark, love the part about SMSI as always, good to be reminded once in a while how we are all early in the game and stand to benefit once it gets the recognition it deserves, and beating qtrs will surely do that. thank you for sharing us your thoughts as always.

    what do you think of the new Sprint Curiosity IoT from Sprint, where do you think SMSI fits into that?


      1. Yeah i agree but then thats when i thought of safepath corporate and fleet which i saw on their website but hars to find. However i could be thinking too much ha!


  4. IoT is going to be huger than I realized. Market triples by 2025 to 75B connected IoT devices. This is the true upside to SMSI. Just check out what TWLO (Twilio) is doing and how fast that stock has gone up.

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    1. Although it is more widely covered and not on Mark’s radar, I have been invested in Sierra Wireless who has some market leading IoT infrastructure offerings for companies that “The Cloud and Connectivity Services segment provides secure and scalable cloud based platform for deploying and managing IoT subscriptions, devices, data, and applications; connectivity services, which include smart SIM and core network platforms; and managed broadband cellular services.”

      No debt, 15% revenue growth and posed to capitalize on the coming explosion of IoT.


  5. No one ever talks about the board of directors for SMSI. Steve Elfman used to be a president at Sprint, Network Operations from 2008-2014. He was also the CIO for AT&T Wireless back in 2000. Maybe he still has some connections there.

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  6. Mark, thanks for the video call yesterday. Regarding TPCS, two videos ago you mentioned that the new submarines could each be worth up to 4 times as much as previous subs. Was this for Virginia Class submarines and did you get the info from the company or some other means? Do you have a dollar amount for each Sub? Appreciate all your help!


  7. Bullish press from HEAR this AM . Stock is ripping. Should be a good Q and xmas season. This is welcome as I was a little more aggressive than Mark by selling naked puts with an October expiration and a strike of $22.50. My break even is $19.75. so may be buying back at a small loss or I may just get put the stock and let it ride until the xmas qtr reports.


    1. Yes sir! As I’ve been saying, HEAR’s capital structure has been significantly cleaned up (and will be more so in the quarters to come) at a time when headphones became (and remain) hot according to the monthly NPD data.

      I expected good results, barring a bad NPD print and voila. It just requires a little homework.

      This is a critical environment to ensure the stocks you own are well-positioned to report good numbers. SMSI is next!


          1. I am in the same boat as Mark on this one especially with a stock that is not really a long term investment story (3-5 yrs or longer). I just happened to get a bit aggressive on this write (I had another one on HEAR in September that expired worthless and I kept the money.) Also, think leverage. HEAR has great event based upside in the near term (IMO) and the leverage of options let’s me take advantage of that with a fixed level of exposure to the downside (I can always buy the puts back).


  8. Hey Mark,

    I was curious for your opinion on these not-so-positive thoughts I had regarding SMSI. Let’s say the TM/S deal is going to go through, we don’t really know which direction TM will go regarding the SF/LL apps. If the deal closes before Sunset happens and TM chooses to remain with LL, what rationale does an Institutional Investor have today to buy SMSI? These are complete unknowns at the moment. Even if it is currently growing, in 1-3 quarters it could be tossed aside by TM and the only valuation basis would be whatever subscribers are already signed up plus Commsuite. Until SMSI has something substantial locked in (Sunset or new Tier-1 deal), why would an II buy this stock (it wouldn’t be the first time the Buy Side waited for the good news to come and paid much higher)?



    1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I expect much better from you Keith — 1) I know you to be professional and 2) this has all been reviewed MANY times my videos.

      They have a MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT with Sprint. Also, T-Mobile’s merger roadmap is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD (not to mention my industry checks, which I’ve published). From that perspective, it’s clear that TMUS will not be kicking apps out for several years. Heck, Sprint WANTS LL out and is having trouble doing so 😂😤

      This is all public information… as is the CFO’s presentation, which makes it pretty obvious that they are in deep discussions to be ADDED at T-Mobile if anything.

      To repeat what I’ve recently said — I can all but guarantee a Q3 beat for SMSI. I also see at least 2 years where the income statement downside is limited and the upside is significant… especially now that they have differentiated themselves with their SafePath IoT (using their intellectual advantages /expertise in working with IoT).

      As for institutions, we all know that most don’t buy microcaps. As a retail investor, that’s the whole point of owning them (being in first). So that’s not a fear, that’s an obvious and welcome fact! 😎

      But you should know all this. 🤔

      Have you watched my last couple of videos? Does the market have you rattled? 🤷🏻‍♂️❓#perplexed


    2. …and yes, I’ll be buying more higher if/when they announce another big win.

      That’s just smart investing.

      The market doesn’t usually react aggressively enough (at least not immediately) to major announcements, so there’s easy money is in setting some extra $$ aside for those trades.


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