Going LIVE Tuesday @ 1:00PM (The Stock Market, All My Stocks, & All Your Q&A)!

It’s been about two weeks, so it’s time to go LIVE on YouTube!

This Tuesday (tomorrow) at 1:00PM ET, I’ll host a live update on the stock market, my top positions (long & short), and answer all your Q&A!


As usual, we need enough people (40) to make it worthwhile, so spread the word and tune in!

If you miss the live broadcast, be sure to check it out later. Cheers!

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I am not a financial advisor. Nor am I providing any recommendations, price targets, or opinions about valuation regarding the companies discussed herein. Any disclosures regarding my holdings are true as of the time this article is written, but subject change without notice. I frequently trade my positions, often on an intraday basis. Thus, it is possible that I might be buying and/or selling the securities mentioned herein and/or its derivative at any time, regardless of (and possibly contrary to) the content of this article.

I undertake no responsibility to update my disclosures and they may therefore be inaccurate thereafter.  Likewise, any opinions are as of the date of publication, and are subject to change without notice and may not be updated. I believe that the sources of information I use are accurate but there can be no assurance that they are. All investments carry the risk of loss and the securities mentioned herein may entail a high level of risk. Investors considering an investment should perform their own research and consult with a qualified investment professional.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am receiving no compensation for it, nor do I have a business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. The information in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular security or course of action.

The primary purpose of this blog/forum is to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses.


4 thoughts on “Going LIVE Tuesday @ 1:00PM (The Stock Market, All My Stocks, & All Your Q&A)!

    1. Yup. I see no violation or worries there. Have to read those things carefully. Again, the CEO is the biggest shareholder, so there’s no need to wonder if they’re acting in our best interests. We’re all aligned.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks again for your detailed coverage. I’m long and have a solid chunk in SMSI. Since last year I’ve been concerned with the negative reviews of their management from former employees. I’ve been on an equity committee of a profitable business that went bankrupt and the CEO was a top notch business man of integrity who treated his employees with the golden rule. But he made a fatal business mistake. Everyone needs oversight and I trust SMSI’s board of directors is actively involved.
    Best –


    1. I’m not concerned at all. Some of the best companies have disgruntled employees. It all depends on what kind of operation you run and how happy you need to keep your employees.

      Most of their employees are developers who are easily replaced due to the nature of how they do things there.

      Further, many of their former employees were let go because the areas in which they worked we’re not performing well in therefore got deemphasized.

      In short, I looked into this issue and determined that this isn’t the kind of company where we should put a high weighting on reviews from former employees.

      Remember, the key to combating confirmation bias is knowing how much weight to put into each individual data point.


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