How To Manage Your Portfolio hosted me for a educational session on how to manage your portfolio. It’s a must-watch, so don’t miss it. Kudos to Ben Rabizadeh at StoryTrading for setting it all up for us. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “How To Manage Your Portfolio

  1. Hi Mark, I thought that was a pretty informative video to help new (and old) investors to think about managing their portfolio. I have a question for you. It seems like there are all kinds of stories about guru traders making 1,000% plus returns. I know it’s possible to hit a couple of home runs, but I wonder what a more realistic return might be for an active trader over several years. I am a conservative investor with only 10% of assets in really risky trades and have averaged about 15% over the last 15 years. I have been trying to help a couple of new investors, but they keep seeing the diamonds and rockets and don’t seem interested in what I have to offer. Perhaps a discussion about this would be a good video or blog post and save some investors from going all in on crazy trades.


    1. It’s a documented fact that only about 5% of active traders actually outperform the market over time… and many of those are the ones who have a large following (which enables them to move stocks in their direction). It’s been easy the past year because the market has gone straight up (with the Russell 2000 index up ~100%). I’ve seen this movie many times before (and it ends poorly).

      The most successful (richest) investors in history are the longer-term ones (think Warren Buffett). I’ve learned to style that takes a longer-term approach, but injects an opportunistic risk/reward methodology to enhance returns (and have averaged around 40% per year on my invested capital… which is MUCH more than any reasonable expectation). Even half of that (a more reasonable/normal expectation) will make you rich over time.

      But you can’t tell people how to approach their investing. You can only lead a horse to water. Everyone has to find their own way…

      …and of course, I’ve discussed all of this many times in my past videos and blog posts, so check those out for more!


      1. Thanks Mark. I will pass your thought on to them. I sent the Portfolio Management video to them and hopefully they will take some of it to heart.


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