HUGE News Day! Going LIVE @12!

We’re officially on fire!

12 picks… 10 winners… +56% average profit… +350% annualized.

That’s our 2021 thus far!

I’m going LIVE @ 12PM ET to discuss our winning streak, TPCS’s transformative acquisition, and AEHR’s huge price target increase. Let’s go over the news and talk about how we can use The Methodology to make our next million!

Today’s presentation slides here…

I’ll be LIVE at 12PM ET here. Spread the word!


2 thoughts on “HUGE News Day! Going LIVE @12!

  1. Won’t be able to listen to in person but I will definitely listen to it today cuz I taken for myself if you would position and the five stocks that you recommended. I look forward to hearing what’s going on. The one stock that is what I wonder about is. INFU

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