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I started providing free research to investors shortly after I retired in 2009. Hard to believe it’s been 12 years!

The experience has been rewarding in many ways. The appreciation and stories about changing lives has been #1. It feels great to make a difference. I’ve also benefitted because sharing my undervalued stocks helps those stocks to achieve fair value quicker (a process during which everybody wins!).

But the most money hasn’t come from sharing the picks… it has come from the relationships I’ve discovered and formed with other great investors. These relationships have made it easier than ever to find and research great picks.

Consequently, my portfolio’s performance has gone to another level. This year alone, my picks have risen an average of 56% in an average of just over 100 days…

Our last 12 picks have delivered an annualized return of over 350% !

This has all been a part of the “master plan”. These relationships ensure that I (and you) will have a steady stream of great picks until the day I die.

Accordingly, the time has come for the next phase of my strategy — to introduce those analysts (and their picks) to you. What you do with that knowledge will be up to you. However, MY activities will NOT change. Anyone’s pick that gets highlighted here will pass MY personal standards and methodology for researching picks.

In other words, any stock presented in this blog will be on MY head… MY reputation… MY portfolio.

In other words, they will still be MY picks… just presented by a fellow analyst who has already gone through the trouble of saying what I would say. In fact, my recent re-picking of AEHR (which has risen 119% in just 39 days!) was the direct result of this process.

So, without further delay, here are a couple of novel thoughts on Virtra (VTSI), as seen through the lens of Kevin Crawford and Ben Rabizadeh.

As a quick reference, Kevin is a leading candidate to receive my vote for 2021 Best Research of the Year for his work on VTSI. I doubt anyone (including me) knows this company better. Links to much of his excellent research can be found here at

Ben is the CEO of, one of the microcap research organizations I’ve mentioned in my past YouTube videos. In the video below (from his YouTube channel), Ben interviews Bob Ferris, the CEO of Virtra.

FYI, Virtra was granted a $24.5M IDV (Indefinite Delivery Vehicle — basically an approval for government agencies to purchase product from them) this week! Today, they received the first order (for $1.4M) under this IDV. As a reminder, this is a company that has historically generated less than $19M in revenue per YEAR.

For those of you who have missed my latest videos, here is my latest Risk/Reward chart on VTSI. As you can see, it’s only halfway to where I believe it should be. In other words, I see VTSI doubling at a minimum. I say “at a minimum”, because I see recent events as game-changing to the VTSI story. IF and when that proves to be true, I will recalculate my valuation assumptions (and therefore adjust the risk/reward chart upward).

Until then, we’ll have to settle for the prospect of earning 100% on what I view as a low-risk stock…

Would love your feedback on this new format, so let me know if you like what you see…



3 thoughts on “New Stock Picks & Research

  1. Whatever works best for you works for me. (Wish I had the free cash flow to invest in Bezinga)

    Take care

    Get Outlook for iOS

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  2. You mention your activities will not change. I hope this means the following: You will talk about your recommendations like you always have and then offer, as backup and more depth, the analyst’s report. As a follower of AEHR since its IPO, and an off an on investor in it, these last 22 years or so (I don’t remember the year of their IPO) I found it extremely interesting when you compared it so a company that back in 2008 or so was doing $20 million in sales which went to $200 million in sales in a couple of years when their product made a breakthrough, like AEHR is in the process of doing.. It’s insight like that, and another comment you made about not trying to trade AEHR to make a few cents when the potential is so large.

    I bought 90% of my AEHR on May 10 at 2.25 and the last shares at 5.16 on August 16/17. I keep notes of my thoughts and I had plans to sell it before now but my thoughts included: “If it moves enough and relatively quickly, I can give it more room on the down side before I have a need to sell.” Now I am nowhere near the “half to sell’ price and I hope I can stick to my conviction, and yours, to hold on during some larger down ticks and sell at much higher prices than now.

    I appreciate your work. Thank you.


    On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 11:19 AM Mark Gomes Research wrote:

    > Mark Gomes posted: ” I started providing free research in 2009 (via > Seeking Alpha). 12 years! The experience has been rewarding in many ways. > The appreciation and stories about changing lives has been #1. It feel > great to make a difference. I’ve also benefitted because s” >

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