Meet The Next Big Winner…

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I have great news to share…

Every year, hundreds of the most promising microcaps come together at LD Micro’s flagship investment conference in Los Angeles. This conference is easily my most lucrative source of winners. LD is where I first met Bill Smith of Smith Micro (SMSI). LD is also where I discovered that Fortnite was sending sales of Turtle Beach (HEAR) headsets through the roof. 

Incredibly, attendance is free. However, not everyone is allowed to attend. LD hand picks attendees from among hundreds of registration requests.

But here’s where the great news comes in.

I had a conversation with the Chris Lahiji, the CEO of LD Micro… and for THIS event, he has agreed to accept requests from ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see companies present LIVE… or to meet CEOs one-on-one… or to meet me in person… this is your chance. 

The event is taking place on Monday October 11 through Thursday the 14th, at the Luxe Sunset in Bel Air, CA (FYI, most of the action will take place on Tues/Wed the 12th/13th). In addition to the conference, I will be hosting an exclusive meet-n-greet on one of those nights (TBA) where we can get to know each other.

BTW, flights are super cheap. I booked a WHOLE ROW on JetBlue for just $220 TOTAL each way (including all fees and 3 carry-ons).

That’s less than $75 a seat!

Interested? Well, here’s all you need to do…

1. Register for conference here: Main Event Attendee Registration.

2. Click here: Mark’s Invite List and enter your name. I will make sure your registration gets approved.

3. See below for links to discounted hotel room rates at the event (Luxe) and directly across the street (Angeleno). The first page may appear confusing, but just click “SELECT & GO TO THE NEXT STEP”. From there, it will be easy to book your room.

Luxe Room Bookings
Angeleno Room Bookings

Hope to see you there. Cheers!


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8 thoughts on “Meet The Next Big Winner…

  1. Hell of a move in AEHR. Glad I did some work on that one. The calls have such premiums now I’ve sold quite a few against positions in tax-free accounts.

    The only way to really make money now is off-the-radar stuff IMO. The IPO market is so crazy they are making good names far too expensive to buy.

    I registered for LD Micro. Not sure I can physically get there due to an already-heavy October travel schedule but I’m still flirting with the idea.


    On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 2:46 PM Mark Gomes Research wrote:

    > Mark Gomes posted: ” FYI, comments / Q&A is available at the Mark Gomes > Stock Research blog. As always, be sure to read my disclosures / > disclaimers below. Cheers! I have great news to share…Every year, > hundreds of the most promising microcaps come together at LD” >

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  2. Can I sign up through here even if I can only attend 1 day?
    The good news is I live in LA, but the bad news is that I have work…
    I won’t be free until Thursday afternoon, unfortunately.


          1. Can’t make it to the dinner either unfortunately, but hope y’all have a great and fruitful time in LA.
            I’ll check out virtual LD micro.
            Thanks for all you do btw!


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