Met The Trump-Stock CEO…

Miami is ground zero for one of the hottest stock market stories of 2021 — Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), a.k.a. “the Trump stock”.

By chance, I’m pretty well-connected with the people behind DWAC and hung out with them last night (nothing to do with my political leaning… it was all business).

As always, I plan to share all I can with you.

Of course, I’ve also been busy digging up info on my favorite stocks… and new picks for our portfolios. Among them is Aehr Test Systems (AEHR). This has been one of the biggest winners of 2021, due in part to their connection to Tesla (TSLA), which announced a massive order from Hertz on Monday.

There’s also the news that Smith Micro (SMSI), in conjunction with T-Mobile (TMUS) settled a matter, which paves the way for their partnership to move forward in the coming weeks. I also have new info on TPCS, VTSI, MOGO, WTRH and many others.

Basically, there’s a LOT to discuss.

So let’s talk stocks LIVE today (Friday) at 2PM ET

As always, you can find me on my YouTube Channel. If you’ve hit the Subscribe button there, you’ll be notified when the show starts. Otherwise, just tune in at 2PM ! p.s. you can find the presentation slides and links here —

While you’re waiting, you can check out my appearance on Market Champions, which was just released on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube !

Catch you all at 2PM !


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