Special Alert: Market Crash… LIVE!

If you’ve been following my rules, you’re making money today!

Of course, if you’ve been reading my research, you know that I called for this stock market decline (via my “Yellow Alert”) in April… of LAST year.

Despite being months early, we continued to earn great returns on stocks like Virtra (made 100%+ TWICE), AEHR (a TEN bagger), and Vidler Water (which got bought out last month)… while shorting the Russell 2000 and stocks like Gamestop and AMC at just the right times.

The Easy Money Portfolio is UP big today and UP 3.6% for the year (vs. a -20% implosion for the Russell 2000)!

What are my (your) next moves??

JOIN ME TODAY… LIVE AT 2:30PM ET on my YouTube Channel for a complete rundown… plus, YOUR Q&A. As always, we’ll start the broadcast when 50 viewers are on the LIVE, so SPREAD THE WORD!!

Catch you there. Cheers!


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