I’m Back… Let’s Talk Stocks!

I’m back from Europe. Researched a lot. Learned a lot.

I’m going LIVE TODAY at 1PM ET (in about 40 minutes) to talk about the market and my latest updates. I’ll also take your Q&A, so don’t miss it. Here’s the link to my channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7suHbR_DCbstUXNIS2Kqg

Catch you then!

2 thoughts on “I’m Back… Let’s Talk Stocks!

  1. Hey Mark thanks for all you do for us sharing great DD. Got a question & maybe as simple as market is crazy right now. A small indoor farming end to end equipment Co. symbol CEAD has a $9 million dollar valuation despite almost $21 million in cash & no debt. Last few years they have been cash flow positive & ran into supply chain issues last few Qtr’s but easing now. How can their cash be valued at .45 cents on the dollar & 16 year business track record be worth zero. Heck CEAD even bought up all convertible preferred shares in Feb & has nothing hanging except warrants at $5.00 share. Any way would love to hear your thoughts thanks


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