MoneyMark App Now Available On iOS & Android!

Hey Everyone,

Big news. We have launched the MoneyMark Official app on iOS & Android (U.S. only for now). Starting this week, app users will receive notifications for new events and content (including portfolio changes and new picks).

As with everything I do, it’s 100% free of charge or ads (just my way of giving back). ENJOY!

On iOS —

On Android —


Money Mark


2 thoughts on “MoneyMark App Now Available On iOS & Android!

  1. Hi Mark (and others?) — when do you suppose a version that will be available for the EU or at least the UK? I would like to check it out. Many thanks for all you (all) do! Cheers, Kevin


    1. Not sure. This has all been developed by volunteers in the community. It’s not for me to ask for more, but if there’s enough demand, maybe there’s something we can do. I’ll check into it.


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