Perma-Fix (PESI): Transitioning To “Gold Mine” Phase

THE BOTTOM LINE With business returning to pre-COVID levels and major projects being awarded, there now exists a clear path for PESI to move from Wait Time phase into Gold Mine phase imminently. Of these, there are two high-confidence deals that can more than double PESI's top line from $70 million to $140+ million and ramp EPS to $1.70 as … Continue reading Perma-Fix (PESI): Transitioning To “Gold Mine” Phase

Replay of Today’s Big Show!

The attendance and content of today's show was IMHO among the best in recent history. I fully reviewed my thoughts on the stock market and provided a deep dive analysis of the progress at my favorite stocks. The second part was more important than the first because we received new information on ALL of my … Continue reading Replay of Today’s Big Show!

Special News Alert: TPCS, VTSI, SMSI

As always, be sure to read my disclosures / disclaimers below. Most notably, I do not encourage or recommend for anyone to follow my lead on any stocks listed here or otherwise, since I may enter, exit, or reverse a position at any time without notice, regardless of the facts or perceived implications of this … Continue reading Special News Alert: TPCS, VTSI, SMSI

Fed Fallout… LIVE @ 1PM ET !!

The Fed dropped a 75-basis point rate hike (and a big bucket of cold water) on the market's head yesterday. Throughout this year, our Yellow Alert has remained in force. Those who have chosen to follow my investment methodology (see disclaimer below -- I am NOT a registered investment advisor) have been KILLING the market. … Continue reading Fed Fallout… LIVE @ 1PM ET !!

Big TPCS News!

The company hasn't issued a press release, but Techprecision (TPCS) submitted TWO pieces of major news this morning, via the SEC. First, and most immediately important, the company renegotiated its debt with their lenders. I expressed no doubt that this would happen, but now it's official... and considering that the lenders get an inside look … Continue reading Big TPCS News!

Market & CTLP Update

My latest "Quickie" (12 mins) is now available for viewing on my YouTube Channel. In it, I discuss Cantaloupe (CTLP) earnings and why I believe the shares are a bargain at these levels. You can see my model here. But first, I discuss where the wealth of America resides and the impact that has on … Continue reading Market & CTLP Update

New SMSI Vid… and More!

Yesterday, I posted an analysis of SMSI’s earnings here. The quick summary — there was a mix of positive the negative news, which lowers my outlook for the next three months, but significantly increases my outlook for the future. As a result, my expectations for future stock price is now higher, making yesterday’s move an … Continue reading New SMSI Vid… and More!

SMSI Earnings Analysis

I’ve prepared my analysis of last nights SMSI earnings. You can find it here You can also see the analyst report from Dawson James here Bottom Line: As SMSI has been building out their massive carrier implementations and launches, there have been stronger quarters and rougher ones. This one happened to be rough… … Continue reading SMSI Earnings Analysis

Cracking Open The Cantaloupe

Believe it or not, the vending machine (a.k.a. unattended retail) industry is undergoing a massive evolution, which is shifting the fortunes of vendor machine vendors, operators, and companies that sell into the industry. Among publicly-traded companies, Cantaloupe Inc. (CTLP) is the most promising candidate I have encountered. Their investor presentation can be found online. When … Continue reading Cracking Open The Cantaloupe

Making A Guest Appearance Tomorrow @ 10AM ET

Tomorrow (Thursday), I'll be making a guest appearance on StoryTrading to present Cantaloupe, Inc (CTLP) and its preferred shares (CTLPP) to their followers. The presentation will be open and free to the public, to be followed with Q&A exclusive to StoryTrading subscribers. It will be a Zoom event for which you can register here:

Special Alert: Market Crash… LIVE!

If you've been following my rules, you're making money today! Of course, if you've been reading my research, you know that I called for this stock market decline (via my "Yellow Alert") in April... of LAST year. Despite being months early, we continued to earn great returns on stocks like Virtra (made 100%+ TWICE), AEHR … Continue reading Special Alert: Market Crash… LIVE!

Going LIVE: My Next Big Pick !

The COVID crash of 2020 created some of the greatest investment opportunities I had seen in years. I view this year's crash no differently. In fact, what we're experiencing in 2022 is largely due to what happened in 2020. Accordingly, I'm seeing some of the same dynamics play out -- undervalued stocks are being sold … Continue reading Going LIVE: My Next Big Pick !

Going LIVE @ 1PM ET ! Vidler Getting Acquired… Elon Bids For Twitter… and More!!

Will Elon Musk succeed in buying $TWTR ? Mr. Market is betting that a bidding war for $VWTR has begun... has it ? Stock Talk LIVE starts at 1PM ET !! Other topics today may include $SMSI's product launch at $TMUS and news regarding $VTSI, $TPCS, $CTLP, $MOGO, $GAIA, and more.

Intel & Other Semi Giants Sparking Demand For Vidler (VWTR)

“As relations between the U.S. and China deteriorated during the Trump administration, moving chip production to the U.S. and hindering sales of U.S.-made semiconductors to China became a strategic goal for American policymakers.As the U.S. looks to fulfill its semiconductor needs on its own, Arizona is fast emerging as a base for the domestic industry’s … Continue reading Intel & Other Semi Giants Sparking Demand For Vidler (VWTR)

Upgrading Vidler Water (VWTR)

On Sunday evening, I was brought on as a guest analyst for the StoryTrading Weekly VIP Meetup show. There, I presented Vidler (VWTR), which was first added to my real-time tracking sheet on December 8. As part of that appearance, I provided some supporting materials HERE on my blog site. The next day, after assessing … Continue reading Upgrading Vidler Water (VWTR)

Vidler Water Research (VWTR)

Here's some of the latest news and information related to the ongoing rise in shares of Vidler Water (VWTR). Severe drought and mandatory water cuts are pitting communities against each other in ArizonaAs Western Drought Worsens, Governor Newsom Moves to Bolster Regional Conservation EffortsCritical water shortage, wells running dry in Arizona community of Pine-StrawberryExperts say … Continue reading Vidler Water Research (VWTR)