New Version Of SMSI’s Safe & Found Released; Additional Catalysts On Tap

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Leading things off, SMSI / Sprint’s Safe & Found app has been updated. The list of upgrades include the following, per Google Play:

1. Addressed user concerns regarding permission setup. This is now only needed when setting up Parental Controls (i.e. on children’s devices).

2. Wipe and Lock features are now optional (which means device admin permission can be skipped). This feature can now be turned on/off in settings menu.

3. Support for Android 8 and Wear OS 2. This augments the company’s IoT aspirations for the app, augmenting my personal belief that Safe & Found will be able to track anything (not just your loved ones) by the end of next year.

The implications of this are potentially significant. LoJack was acquired for $134 million for its car tracking capabilities. Absolute Software achieved a peak valuation of nearly $500 million thanks to its LoJack for Laptops offering.

If I’m right, SMSI will enable the tracking of cars and laptops… along with loved ones, pets, and virtually any other valuable (bikes, handbags, etc) where you can hide a small carrier-signal transmitter.

That’s the power of IoT !

Of course, SMSI won’t be able to offer all of the functionality that LoJack offered for cars, nor what Absolute offered for laptops, but it will enable you to track anything you want from one application (theirs).

Of course, many other vendors will be able to develop this capability. However, SMSI is out front with its combination of IoT expertise, already-developed app, and carrier relationships.

For SMSI, $134 million would equate to around $6 per share, while $500 million would equate to something closer to $20. It’s hard to compare SMSI’s apples to LoJack’s oranges, to Absolute’s peaches, but this gives us an idea of the potential that comes with providing security / tracking for specific valuables.

4. Possibility to customize which websites to block or allow. Aside from improving the user experience, this is the biggest functional breakthrough. Being able to control which apps your kids use (and when) is a godsend unto itself. Adding the ability to limit which websites your kids visit is going to make a difference, especially since all of these things (tracking, application control, and website white/blacklisting) can be managed from a single application… Safe & Found.


These are all important enhancements. They directly address the small percentage of negative reviews they’ve been receiving (validating what I’ve said about software development being able to offset customer satisfaction). I (and other readers) have personally seen reviews about Wipe/Lock and permission setups.

Well, this update should put an end to that. Indeed, the reviews have shown a noticeable improvement (coinciding with its sudden rise up the download charts) from 2.57 on May 1… to 3.05 on May 7… to 3.31 on May 14… to 4.43 yesterday (though I caution that the sample size is small and subject to manipulation, both positive and negative).

The enhancements also add to SMSI’s leadership in the space. Its previous release was already more functionally-rich than its carrier-centric competitors, as illustrated by one of Spence Watson, one of our reader / contributors:

SMSI Product Comparison.PNG

Not only do I love the chart, I love the fact that this blog is accomplishing its goal of 1) spurring folks to do real in-depth research and 2) bringing investors together to do it together here!


Moving on, I’ve discovered that Safe & Found is now being offered for free to AAA customers!


This is good news for SMSI, because they collect a fee on every Sprint Safe & Found subscriber, regardless of what Sprint (or any of its partners) charges (or earns) from it.

Based on my due diligence, SMSI gets a fixed fee for each standard Safe & Found subscription, regardless of the functionality they develop. That sounds like bad news. However, their efforts to add functionality will be rewarded via 1) a tighter relationship with Sprint and 2) enticement for other carriers to sign with SMSI, and 3) additional license fees for customers expanding beyond the standard 5-device plan.

As support and use expands into pets, cars, etc, it will increase the number of devices per subscription plan.

It will also expand SMSI’s prospect base beyond families to include anyone who wants to track their valuables from a single app. Of course, there’s lots of competition on that front, but SMSI will have the advantage of having Sprint (and other carriers) marketing their solution.


This week’s update doesn’t just augment SMSI’s product, it also signals the coming of several catalysts, per management’s commentary on their Q1 conference call”

“…new marketing initiatives will coincide with some significant upgrades planned for the core SafePath Family platform…

Currently in development, the next major release of SafePath will introduce a new, family-centric user experience that further extends the platform beyond a location focused service.

With the next release, SafePath will evolve to a digital lifestyle management platform for the entire family that will provide enhanced location services, easy to use parental controls, powerful web filtering functionality and built-in support for new IoT products and services.”

Key phase — “new marketing initiatives”. CEO Bill Smith said that the upgrade would come first and be followed by new marketing initiatives from Sprint.

With this marketing, I would expect that the sunset date remains on track to occur in the coming weeks. This coincides nicely with the anticipated launch of analyst coverage from Chardan and SMSI’s upcoming appearance at the LD Micro conference on June 4.

Following that, I’ve heard that SMSI will travel to do an investor roadshow in NYC this summer.

Sounds like a fun summer!


Additional Data Points:

A reader/contributor chimed in with, “Liquidity seems to be drying up. Interesting that the stock was on the SEC REG SHO list from 4/30 to 5/9 (which made it) tough to borrow stock to short. Once off list it tanked on 5/11 and 5/14 (it was) easier to borrow once off list so guys shorting had (the chance) to catch up. Just a guess.”


A Wall Street professional recently spoke with the company and came away bullish. There’s optimism that EPS of $0.10 is a possibility for Q4. If that comes to pass, investors will have an easy time seeing 40-cents for 2019 (or even my current 50-cent estimate).

Put whatever P/E you want on that, keeping in mind that this is subscription (recurring) revenue. Of course, there’s customer concentration risk to consider, but every successful company starts with a single satisfied customer.

I’m confident that the ongoing momentum at Sprint will soon enable SMSI to focus its attention on securing other carriers. The success and knowledge they’ve gleaned will make it a much easier sell than it would have a year ago (without the distraction and resource-drain it would have caused).

As a reminder, here’s a list of the world’s largest carriers from my original blog post on SMSI. As you can see, Smith’s eight-figure win at Sprint might merely represent a tip-of-the-iceberg type of deal because Sprint garners just 3% of the wireless carrier market worldwide.

  1. China Mobile (China: ~850 million customers)
  2. Verizon (US: ~150 million customers)
  3. AT&T (US: ~140 million customers)
  4. Vodafone (UK + 25 countries: ~450 million customers)
  5. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (Japan)
  6. Softbank (Japan)
  7. Deutsche Telekom (Germany & 50+ countries: over 100 million customers)
  8. Telefonica (Spain + 20 countries: over 300 million customers)
  9. America Movil (Mexico / Latin America: ~280 million customers)
  10. China Telecom (China: ~200 million customers)


Indeed, they’ve already attracted deals and agreement from numerous carriers in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Of course, these are all in various stages of development, but some of them are already live (one of my older posts shows this).

With the latest update and Sprint seemingly approaching auto-pilot, it’ll be interesting to see how these relationships progress in the coming quarters.

Stay tuned…


More Research:


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The primary purpose of this blog/forum is to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses.

22 thoughts on “New Version Of SMSI’s Safe & Found Released; Additional Catalysts On Tap

  1. “New marketing initiatives” are beginning.

    Mostly right now Sprint is stressing their relationship with AAA.
    **There is a fb ad that I’ve seen several times that takes you directly to a Sprint/AAA promo site:
    **My local AAA, which encompasses 2 states is returning the favor by promoting Sprint in a large yellow banner across the top of their page:
    **There is a poster inside of Sprint stores that advertises Safe & Found.

    Some pretty good stuff. Right now the ads focus on a perk of joining. Hope to see some ads focus on the benefits of S&F and why its better than anything else.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Such an honor, that I feel like I don’t deserve!

        I tried to go in yesterday and was too late. I just started following the NW regional President of Sprint on Twitter:
        This guy does store to store training and has been pushing Lookout Premium and S&F. Seems like a great leader. There are many displays in his selfies of S&F. So, I know the West Coast is doing in store promos, have to hit the ground to find out of the East Coast is.

        There is a beautiful shot of the S&F wall poster in his latest tweet. A Sprint associate is talking on the phone with it in the background.


  2. Seems like it started this week. Is the marketing working?

    Rankings for Andriod in Lifestyle:
    Mon – #64
    Tue – #66
    Wed – #65
    Thr – #62
    Fri – #60
    Sat – #57

    iOs Lifestyle
    Mon: #361
    Tue: #299
    Wed: #308
    Thr – #243
    Fri – #245
    Sat – #221



    1. It’s a start, but brother, you outworked me this weekend. 🙌🏼

      If you wanna write it up, I’ll publish to the blog under your name. Same goes for anyone who gathers enough info to publish. After all, why should I have all the fun? 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Board member SEC filing

      Nothing to see here. This was one of the concessions (see below) required to obtain the last round of financing. Arno and Smith had to surrender their convert (and its 10% dividend) for common stock and a lock up agreement. Should see another for Mr. Smith soon enough.

      (v)copies of the executed definitive agreements in the form attached hereto as Exhibit E among the Company and each of (i) William W. and Dieva L. Smith, (ii) Andrew Arno (“Arno”) and (iii) Next Generation TC FBO Andrew Arno IRA 1663, extending the maturity of such debt to the two year anniversary of the Closing Date hereto (the “Debt Extension Agreements”);

      (vi)copies of the executed definitive agreements among the Company and each of Smith and Arno, each as a holder of the Company’s Series B 10% Convertible Preferred Stock (the “Series B Preferred Stock”) in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F for the conversion of shares of preferred stock into shares of Common Stock pursuant to the terms of the Certificate of Designation with respect thereto by no later than May 19, 2018 (the “Conversion Agreements”);

      #sacrifice #goodforus

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Short term, would you recommend swapping some AEHR shares for more SMSI? I am equally distributed in both right now and AEHR seems to be sitting idol and I haven’t seen any information or PR in awhile on it.


  4. Hey Mark, is your following comment something that you confirmed directly from management, or is it something you’ve inferred indirectly (i.e. via modelling etc)? (I’ve been trying to ask the same thing and have gotten no response from SMSI or S IR yet.) I just want to confirm that SMSI is actually getting revenue for S&F subscriptions from S employees, AAA members and other free trials, since I believe these may form a big portion of the subscriber base.

    “This is good news for SMSI, because they collect a fee on every Sprint Safe & Found subscriber, regardless of what Sprint (or any of its partners) charges (or earns) from it.”
    “Based on my due diligence, SMSI gets a fixed fee for each standard Safe & Found subscription, regardless of the functionality they develop.”


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