One Week To Go !

Hey all, appreciate the messages and well wishes. Yes, I’m alive and well. Enjoying my last week of the summer in Spain by ending the Masters World Track & Field Championships in Malaga.

I’ve been keeping tabs on our companies and everything is cool as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be back at my computer by this time next week and will go Live on YouTube as soon as possible.


34 thoughts on “One Week To Go !

    1. No idea. They announced the CFO switch on Thursday, so today’s move is curious.

      There is a fund that owns a lot of the stock and also owned a lot of USAT, so they might be selling out to avoid further losses to their fund this year, according to my mentor.

      The press release said the CFO move was on amicable terms, so I don’t suspect fraud. The new CFO has M&A experience, so unless somebody knows something, this might just be panic selling.

      I’m neither buying or selling. I have no info to justify a move. Smart people in the industry say they have the best solution, two other companies have recently been acquired, and they have five dollars in cash.

      If anything I’m tempted to buy more.


    1. Saw it. Was positive. The new analyst put his stamp of approval on the old analyst’s thesis, which he had the luxury of not doing if he thought something was wrong. This is puzzling indeed.


      1. I am surprised we have not seen really any kind of bounce yet. Not well versed in funds getting out of large positions in small names, but puzzling why they would take a 33 pct hit selling. Kind of defeating the purpose.


          1. Saw something where one of their large customers got hit by a typhoon. Philippines’ Global Telecom, who is a big customer. Seems silly to think they will no longer be a customer.


  1. Now on RDCM, just my 2c. I considered buying some today when I saw that typhoon news, but personally I thought that sounded sketchy as the reason. So I will wait and see what happens with the call tomorrow.


  2. Found a problem with S&F. When I block apps on my daughters iPhone they disappear, but when I unlock the apps they reappear in a different order than they were. Very annoying.


    1. Yep. There are little things like that, but the important things work. Most of the issues are actually Apple’s fault for not allowing certain things in the iOS operating system. Whatcha gonna do. 🤷🏻‍♂️


      1. I think there is less functionality in iOS. For example no way to set a time that apps can be used like in android. It does let you block in app or new app purchases and restrict apps by age rating but nothing on website control. Android has more control I believe. Location services are pretty good. SOS button is cool, I guess. Notification of coming in and out of safety zones is delayed about 2 minutes or so. No big deal but definitely could be more timely.


          1. I sent the issue to Sprint to see what they say about it. Also gave it a 5 star review in App Store. I assume Smith Micro is well aware of the iOS challenges. Overall for what it does, it’s a slick little app. I like it.


  3. I am in NY now and went into 2 stores yesterday in Westchester with a friend. In both stores they were not very knowledgeable about SF and did not offer my friend who was “inquiring” anything worthwhile as a reason to move to Sprint. We could only surmise that Westchester has not yet been trained.


    1. Appreciate the data points. Be careful to keep them in context tho. In addition to info on 5% of all Sprint stores, we now have access to data that gives us more complete insight into TOTAL download activity, which has been rising quickly.

      As this info gets out (especially with the conference coming next week and Q3 closing in Sept 30) the stock is attracting heavy stock and option buying, indicating a possible insurgence of institutional investors.


      1. Hi Mark,

        Can you elaborate what you mean by this line?

        -> we now have access to data that gives us more complete insight into TOTAL download activity, which has been rising quickly.

        Are you referring to app store rankings? or is this something else that actually provides total download activity?


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