Going LIVE @ 1PM ET ! Vidler Getting Acquired… Elon Bids For Twitter… and More!!

Will Elon Musk succeed in buying $TWTR ?

Mr. Market is betting that a bidding war for $VWTR has begun… has it ?

Stock Talk LIVE starts at 1PM ET !!


Other topics today may include $SMSI’s product launch at $TMUS and news regarding $VTSI, $TPCS, $CTLP, $MOGO, $GAIA, and more.

5 thoughts on “Going LIVE @ 1PM ET ! Vidler Getting Acquired… Elon Bids For Twitter… and More!!

  1. Hey Mark, just wanted to let you know that although I am seldom able to
    make these live presentations I almost always go back and listen to the
    recordings. Thank you so so much for all you do for all of us who lack
    the time and skill to do the deep valuation analyses you so generously

    I do have one question but definitely understand if you don’t have time
    to answer. I’m curious as to what methods you use for shorting stocks
    and indexes (simple puts?) and how you determine an appropriate
    expiration date?

    Thank you again and $VWTR has been very good to me!



    1. Good question to ask on one of my LIVEs. Due to time constraints, I rarely answer questions outside of that forum (where hundreds can benefit from the answer). Plus, the answer to this one isn’t quick! Hope you understand.


  2. I’m out in Socal and local news had a piece on water shortage. They are issuing new restrictions on water usage. Quotes from Deven Upadhyay….”…this is a crisis unlike we’ve never seen before…” “…we really only have a little more than half of the water that we need to make it through the summer time and into the end of the year…”

    Investments aside…this is getting to be quite a scary situation.

    Thanks for all you do Mark


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