Updated R/R Charts & AEHR, TPCS, SMSI Updates… LIVE Today @ 1PM !


With the recent market volatility, I spent the past several days reviewing my stocks’ valuations and updating their R/R charts to reflect my latest numbers.

Of course, that process included a review of each company’s fundamentals. The timing is of particular interest for TPCS (which is hosting a major conference call today), AEHR (which is on the precipice of becoming a dominant supplier to the electric vehicle & solar power industry), and SMSI (which is knocking on the door of a U.S. monopoly for carrier-based family safety software).

I’ll review all the results… LIVE today at 1PM ET ($AEHR, $SMSI, $TPCS, $IRIX, $VTSI)!

I’ll also explain exactly WHAT a R/R Chart is (and what it is not). You can join me at 12:30PM on my YouTube channel. Simply click here or use the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7suHbR_DCbstUXNIS2Kqg

In other news, Smith Micro (SMSI) released some new encouraging news (see below). I’ll discuss the implications and what I’ve been hearing from my contacts at 12:30PM ET. Catch you then!

Smith Micro Survey Finds that Parents Rely on a Myriad of Technology to Protect their Kids Online

PITTSBURGH, PA, September 29, 2021 – Nearly nine in 10 American parents use digital parenting technology to manage their children’s internet activity and to ensure their online safety according to a recent consumer survey* commissioned by Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI). Underscoring the importance to parents of keeping their kids safe online, 86% of the parents surveyed said they have regular talks with their kids about online safety.

“Ensuring the online safety and the digital wellbeing of their children is top of mind for today’s parents,” said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro.

When asked what is most worrisome when it comes to their child’s wellbeing, parents cited online safety in nearly the same proportion (30%) as they did physical safety (31%). Other options parents selected in order of frequency include excessive screen time (20%), digital wellbeing (8%), data privacy (5%), and identity theft (2%).

The survey found that on average parents allow their children 4.3 hours of entertainment-related screen time every day, with 25% of parents admitting that their child logs six or more hours of screen time per day. Nearly eight in 10 (78%) parents agreed that they now allow their child to have more entertainment-related screen time because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while an even higher proportion (88%) agreed that it’s their responsibility to monitor and control their child’s online activity.

“While every parent wants to ensure their children’s online safety, they don’t have the desire or time to supervise every digital activity,” Smith said. “Digital parenting technology helps parents balance the demands of parenting in 2021 with everyday life. As a white-label family safety solution, our SafePath® platform empowers our wireless carrier partners to provide in-demand family digital lifestyle solutions to their subscribers.”

When asked to identify their top digital parenting concern, nearly one quarter (24%) of parents surveyed selected “exposure to inappropriate online content,” while one in five parents (20%) cited “harmful user-generated content on social media” as most concerning. Other leading digital concerns selected by parents include:

  • Internet addiction caused by excessive screen time (16%)
  • Lasting emotional distress/trauma caused by negative online experiences (10%)
  • Texting with strangers or individuals not known by parents (9%)
  • Cyberbullying (8%)

A research brief containing additional key survey findings as well as demographic splits based on age, gender, and U.S. region is available for download here.


3 thoughts on “Updated R/R Charts & AEHR, TPCS, SMSI Updates… LIVE Today @ 1PM !

  1. While Charlie Messman says T Mobile hasn’t launched yet, go to the T Mobile website and look at FamilyMode and HomeBase. It reads like this is new and the features seem like what SafePath 7 offers.

    Brian Swift Security Research Associates, Inc 2400 Bridgeway, Suite 230 Sausalito, CA 94965 415-590-4324 off 415-990-0215 cell briangswift@gmail.com


  2. I spoke to T Mobile and they say the current plan has been out for about 3 years so false alarm.

    Brian Swift Security Research Associates, Inc 2400 Bridgeway, Suite 230 Sausalito, CA 94965 415-590-4324 off 415-990-0215 cell briangswift@gmail.com


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