The Quick Investor’s Guide To SMSI

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Let’s Jump Right In

Since launching this blog, I’ve published 24 reports on Smith Micro (SMSI).

That’s a lot of writing! It’s also a lot of reading. However, that’s no excuse for being lazy about it. Becoming rich (or richer) takes hard work and sacrifice. In this case, all you need to do is read about the work I’ve already done (about 500 hours worth, compressed into about one hour of reading).

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with making things a little easier for everyone.

So, for this 25th article, I’m going to sum it all up for you and provide a comprehensive list (see below) of my past articles for easy access.


Everything You Need To Know About SMSI

For starters, you will have to read one article — Smith Micro: Riding A New Trend & Making Its Latest Comeback is my original write-up and still does a great job of laying out the story.


SMSI Products

Here are SMSI’s key product lines:
SafePath also known as Sprint’s Safe & Found product. This is the most exciting part of the SMSI story. Smith Micro: Riding A New Trend & Making Its Latest Comeback will get you up to speed on this. You can also see the impact this product can have on SMSI’s fortunes (and a lot more) via my Smith Micro model.
QuickLink IoT provides device configuration, device provisioning, fault monitoring, and diagnostics management, all carrier-certified and compliant with DM standards and over-the-air firmware and application updates. IoT is hot and SMSI is a recognized leader. However, it’s still a nascent space. I see the company selling this unit to monetize their R&D investment (and improve their profitability picture).
The CommSuite Visual Voicemail platform is a premium services solution that allows mobile operators to deliver and monetize advanced voice, video and messaging applications. The platform is designed to help operators generate new revenue streams and revitalize legacy messaging systems (use-cases include things like voicemail-to-text). The product has just been revamped and management expects Commsuite revenues to start rising again. 
NetWise is a policy-on-device platform that optimizes wireless Quality of Experience (QoE), connection and network traffic management, Wi-Fi discovery and authentication, and credential provisioning. I see this as another part of the business that will be shopped for sale.
The Graphics unit is an e-commerce site focused on software for artists and animators.



SafePath Is Already Doing Business With Major Global Carriers

Anyone involved with SMSI has been talking about Sprint. However, when Smith acquired iMobileMagic, it had already won deals with O2 in the UK (owned by Telefonica, which has 25 million subscribers), MEO (Portugal Telecom, with over 6 million customers), and one of T‑Mobile’s territories in Europe (owned by Deutsche Telekom, the majority shareholder of T-Mobile).

The company also had two Asian carriers in deployment, which were later revealed to be Digi in Malaysia (which has 12 million mobile subscribers) and AIS (with 40 million subscribers) in Thailand.

In fact, some of these carriers already have websites up and running with the product. However, SMSI has decided to be laser-focused on Sprint. By doing so, they can perfect the onboarding process and turn profitable before investing resources into newer, smaller, or less-developed accounts.

Make no mistake though… some of these carriers are significantly larger opportunities than Sprint is. With Sprint now doing great and ramping its PR activities, the time is fast-arriving for SMSI to ramp up its other relationships around the world.


So, How Much Can They (And I) Make On This?

The quickest answer to this can be seen by visiting my Smith Micro model and reading  Are SMSI’s Unlocked / Hidden Assets Worth Over $20 Per Share?

As I’ve been saying, momentum is finally building.

If you feel like doing more homework, be sure to check out my other reports…

…and stay tuned. Cheers!


All SMSI articles (in chronological order, from first to most recent):

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24 T-Mobile / Sprint: Strategic Direction Is Bullish For Carrier-App Developers


More Research:


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The primary purpose of this blog/forum is to attract new contacts with professional industry expertise to share research and receive feedback (confirmation / refutation) regarding my investment theses.


16 thoughts on “The Quick Investor’s Guide To SMSI

  1. Being extremely lazy, and first to admit it, can you say exactly when this stock will pass $5 on it’s way to $10, all this reading and waiting is wearing me out.

    Actually, thanks again for all the time and effort you do put into your articles and insights, we (well I) do appreciate it immensely


    1. Greg, let’s say that it is possible that by the end of June, any Family Locator clients that want to continue with Sprint will have moved to Safe & Found. As Mark has shown us, this could generate an additional $3m+ in revenues per quarter. Now, the recent quarters have seen revenue of between $5.5m-$6m, so what do you think happens to the stock if, when they report Q2 in late July, they say 300k have moved over (or 250k or 350k) before the quarter ended. That then implies Q3 and Q4 2018 revenues will be $8.5m-9.0m/q as compared to $5.5m and 2019 revenues will be ~$35m vs $30m in 2018 and $23m in 2017. The market SHOULD start pricing that in the minute that information becomes available. Does that answer your question?



  2. Hey Mark,

    I found this in the Q&A on Sprint’s website. I think it has been touched on before, it seems a bit bizarre to me that this is correct, kind of defeats the purpose.

    Can a “child” phone or tablet sign out of Safe & Found?
    Yes, but the parent’s password is required. All devices can uninstall the app and turn off location services without a password.


    1. Details… 🙄 Expect to read about minor bugs and shortcomings for months to come. The product has been constantly evolving.

      Pluses and minuses to every company / story. The key is weighing them properly. This one weighs about an ounce. 😑


  3. I hear you. I figured it was a bug that would be worked out, so I was surprised to see it as a Q&A on Sprint’s website.


  4. Kid who uninstalls app would need password when reinstalling. So its not like an on off switch. Parent finds out, grounds kid. Non issue imo

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Retry of a deleted comment: End of May new shares gets registered and the recovery on positives is missing in action so far. One would only hope that shorts and certain investors are not related, hedging their position with Warrants.
    Regardless, if they make the turnaround into cash flow positives happen in 3Q – 4Q, their latest funding restriction may be considered safe. Otherwise anti-dilution will go into effect.

    The new product itself looks good so far, but they still need to prove profitability.


    1. Great comment. The recovery on positives has definitely been stifled by hedging activity (Plus, who knows about the stock? I’m the only person writing about it).

      I think the good news in that will be seen when the shares are registered, because the advance shorting activity should dampen any negative effects of the registration. Unlike the last registration, this one is well telegraphed and the agreement had no provision restricting the investors from shorting activity.


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